Hilltops Prospectus

MOBILE NUMBER: 07816170639​​​​


Days Mornings
All Day
Monday 9:00 to 12:00
9:30 to 12:00
12:00 to 15:00
12:30 to 15:00
09:00 to 15:00
Tuesday 9:00 to 12:00
9:30 to 12:00
12:00 to 15:00
12:30 to 15:00
09:00 to 15:00
Wednesday 9:00 to 12:00
9:30 to 12:00
12:00 to 15:00
12:30 to 15:00
09:00 to 15:00
Thursday 9:00 to 12:00
9:30 to 12:00

Friday 9:00 to 12:00
9:30 to 12:00

We offer alternative start times for sessions of 2.5 hours / 3 hours throughout the day. All day sessions of up to 6 hours on Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday. For more details on our sessions please contact Hilltops Pre-school.


To enhance the development and education of children under statutory school age in a parent/carer involving based group.
Providing a safe, secure and stimulating environment.
To work within a framework which ensures equality of opportunity for all children and families.
  We offer your child:

A specially tailored curriculum working within the Early Years Foundation Stage leading to approved learning outcomes.
Individual care and attention made possible by a high ratio of adults to children.
The support of two personal key persons for each family.
Fun and friendship with children and other adults.
Opportunities for you and your family to be directly involved in the activities of the group and in your own child’s progress.       
Sometime we have students from Eastleigh College and local schools doing work experience, all students are closely monitored by supervisors.


Hilltops Pre–school  keyperson system gives each member of staff particular responsibility for just a few children. Each child in the group has two keypersons to relate to, which can make settling into the group very much easier.
The key persons are in a position to tailor the group’s curriculum to the unique needs of an individual child.
The keyperson maintain links with the child’s home setting, working with parents/carers through shared record keeping and by having a parent/carer meeting every term to ensure that all children are supported in reaching their full potential.
If you require you can make an may appointment at times to discuss your child this can be made with the child’s key person at any time. 

Record Keeping

We have implemented an excellent record keeping system in which observations of the children in the group and at home are used as a basis for drawing up a curriculum for each child during each half term planning meetings.
Parents/Carers are encouraged to contribute to the records. On leaving  Hilltops Pre–school the child’s achievement files will be given to the Parent/Carer and the transition sheet sent to the child’s new school with Parent/Carers written consent.      


Hilltops Pre–school  membership of the Pre–school Learning Alliance ensures that we are constantly in touch with new thinking in the field of child education and care.
We receive a monthly magazine offering practical advice and up to date information, and have access to a range of professionally produced publications.
This is on-going training opportunities through the Pre–school  Learning Alliance,  which welcome staff and parents/Carers alike.
Staff attend up to four educational training courses each year mainly through the Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College.

The Role of The Parent/Carer

The Pre–school Learning Alliance recognises parents/carers as the first and foremost important educators of their young children.
Hilltops Pre–school aims to support parents/carers  and they are always welcome.
Parents and Carers are welcome to volunteer if there wish to go outings/trips
They can assist with fundraising.
To attend parent/carer meetings each term with the keypersons.​


Hilltops Pre–school policy statement can be found displayed at the setting.
All policies are designed to offer the best possible experience for the children and families in the setting.
Our policies are reviewed  annually and comments and suggestions from parents/carers are always welcome.

Special Needs

The number of staff present in Hilltops Pre–school enables us to provide individual attention for each child .
Each child is able to progress at his/her own rate in all areas of development and learning, and is true for children with and without disabilities or learning difficulties .
We are experienced in working in close liaison with professionals across a range of special needs.
If you would like to discuss the group’s ability to meet your child’s special needs please talk to the Hilltops Pre–school managers or your child’s keyperson or our inclusion co-ordinator.

Parents and Carers know there child better than anyone, so to enable us to help your child if we are given all the information as possible. Therefore please share any information as soon as possible however significant/insignificant you may feel I is.

Management and Administration

Hilltops Pre–school group is privately owned and managed by Alison Bennett and Annamarie Robinson.

Hilltops Pre-schools Fees

Fees are £12.50 per 2.30 hrs session , £15.00 per 3.00 hrs sessions  and £30.00 per 6.00 hrs  session; payable by cash or cheque, weekly, fortnightly or half termly .
Bills will be attached to the news letter handed out at the beginning of each half term.
Fees will continue to be paid even if a child is absent due to sickness or holiday. Each child’s attendance at the group is conditional upon continued payment and a four week notice period is required if your child is going to leave.
Can you let us know if your child is going to be absent from Hilltops Pre–school. Can you please let us know especially if this is for more than one week. If you are claiming Hampshire County Council funding then it is your responsibility to ensure that your child attends our pre-school setting for their funded hours . If your child is going to absent it is your responsibility to notify us. Hampshire County Council has a right to reclaim your funding due to low attendance and you would be liable to pay for your child’s pre-school fees. We charge an annual fee of £40.00 to help us cover the cost of consumables. This payment will help us to cover the cost of consumables listed below: Paper – Pencils – Crayons – Chalks – Paint – Craft items – Ink to print photos for your journals – Wet Wipes – Nappy sacks – Sand – Bubbles – Clay etc. And help towards paying for extracurricular activities. Children who are in receipt of EYPP will be excluded from this payment


Early Years Education Scheme

The Pre-school is registered with the early years education scheme and as such you can claim up to 15 hrs per week for 38 weeks of the year subject to availability during the grant period for your child.
This presently starts in the term following your child’s third birthday.
In addition to this we now offer 2 year old funding if your circumstances fit the criteria.
Childcare vouchers are accepted at our setting

Health and Safety

As Hilltops Pre–school are dealing with such young children, the safety aspect is paramount.
It is the Pre–school policy that no child will be released into the care of any person other than the parent/carer unless they are on the child’s individual registration card for authorisation for pick ups or the parent/Carer has signed the child collection book for a different person collecting their child.
All accidents are recorded in an accident book and the parent/carer will be asked to sign it and given a duplicate copy of the record.
If your child has an injury or bruise prior to a session, please inform the supervisor who will ask you to fill in a bumps and bruises form to the effect that the injury has occurred before the session .
All staff are First Aid trained and a well stocked first aid box is kept on the premises.
Regular checks are made on all toys and equipment. Daily risk assessments are carried out in the building and outside areas.
Fire drills are carried out on a regular basis.
Doors are also alarmed or locked.

Hilltops Pre–school Admissions Policy:

The Pre–school  keeps a waiting list and we would advise you to register your child with us from as early as twelve months old , you will be contacted before  your child is two year six months ,this is done in birth date order.
Hilltops Pre–school cannot afford to hold places, for example if your child was due to start Pre-school in the September at two years six months the age we take children, this would be when we would expect them to start. Your child will not receive the government funding until the term after they turn 3 years old ,unless they fit the criteria for the 2 year old funding.


Please ask with reference to funding for 3 and 4 year olds. In addition to this we now offer 2 year old funding if your circumstances fit the criteria.
We do also accept childcare vouchers.

Hilltops Pre-school Induction Days

We have an induction session for the children to meet the staff and other children and parent/carers are required to stay with their child on the induction day and additional days if needed.
We offer a home visit if required before your child starts. All parent/Carers are given an induction pack on their child’s induction day.  


Hilltops Pre–school offers a curriculum in conjunction with the guidelines set out by the DfES (Department for Education & Skills) and the EYFS  (Early Years Foundation Stage).
Working through Development Matters guidance towards the Foundation Stage. Starting with the ‘Prime’ areas before moving onto the ‘Specific’ areas ensuring effective learning
It has been designed in four distinct themes that complement each other and work alongside each other to benefit the
“whole” child.

A Unique Child

Child Development: Skilful communicator, competent learner.
Inclusive Practice: Equality and diversity, children’s entitlements, early support.
Keeping Safe: Being safe and protected, discovering boundaries, making choices.
Health and Well-being: Growth and developing, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Enabling Enviroment Observation, Assessment and Planning: Starting with the child, planning, assessment.
Supporting Every Child: Children’s needs, the learning journey, working together
The Learning Environment: The emotional environment, the outdoor environment, the indoor    environment.
The Context: Transitions and continuity, multi-agency working, the community .

Positive Relationships Respecting Each Other: Understanding feelings, friendship, professional relationships.
Parents as Partners: Respecting diversity, communication, learning together. Supporting Learning: Positive interactions, listening to children, effective teaching. Key Person: Secure attachment, shared care, independence

Learning & Development Play and Exploration: Learning through experience, adult involvement, contexts for learning.
Active Learning: Mental and physical involvement, decision making, personalised learning.
Creativity and Physical Thinking:
Making connections, transforming and understanding, sustained shared thinking.
Areas of Development and Learning


Sets standards
Provides for equality of opportunity
Creates framework for partnership working
Improves quality and consistency
Lays a secure foundation for future learning
Within the EYFS there are seven areas of learning set out which children will progress through to reach early learning goals.
These areas are:
Personal, Social and Emotional Development                                                                                  
Communication and Language                                               
Physical Development   
Understanding the World  
Expressive Arts and Design  
It is hoped that the Early Learning goals of each area of learning will be achieved by the end of the foundation stage
(end of reception year infants school).
Children are all individual and therefore children will be at different stages in these areas, depending on their age and stage of development.
While your child is with Hilltops Pre–school , their key person will record their stages of development in your child’s file.
This will inform you of their development in the seven areas of learning.
We recognise and value that each child is an individual and we will take this into account, planning and differentiating activities
within our continuous provision for your child’s individual needs.
Free play within Hilltops  Pre–school offers your child the opportunity to explore, question, develop and use their curiosity in a safe and secure environment.
The adults will support your child’s learning through planned play extension of spontaneous opportunities .
Both indoor and outdoor areas will be used every session.
Your child will work in small and large groups, and each experience they have will help them develop a range of competencies.
Parents/Carers are the first and most enduring educators and understand their children best.
We therefore want you to share your information with us, to help us plan appropriately for your child.

Starting Hilltops Pre-school (The First Days)

A child who is tense or unhappy will not be able to play or learn properly, so it is important for parent/carers and Hilltops Pre–school  staff to work together to help the child feel safe and secure in the group.
This can take longer for some children than others and parents/carers should not feel worried if their child takes a while to
settle in.
Your child’s key person will be there to help them settle into the routine and assist them with any of their needs.
In order to feel free to explore and experiment with all kinds of materials, including messy play, it is best to send children dressed in clothes which are easily washable or not new clothes, alternatively we do sell our own uniform with the Hilltops Pre–school logo on, please ask supervisors if you wish to purchase the uniform.
We go outside during every session, we therefore ask that children attend with appropriate outdoor clothing i.e. warm waterproof coats with hoods and hats for the winter, wellington boots and for the summer sunhats and appropriate shoes (no flip flops or open toe sandals or crocs please).
Sun cream must be applied before the children attend Pre–school in the summer months, staff will reapply sun cream when
children spend long periods of time outside if parents/Carers provide it.
Simple clothing which they can handle themselves will enable them to go to the toilet when they want to and put on and take off their outdoor clothes without being too dependent on other peoples help. It is good for children to practice the skills which make them independent.
We are happy to accept children in nappies but ask that you provide a changing bag with nappies, wipes & disposal bags.
Unfortunately we cannot dispose of the nappies on the premises so they will be placed in the child’s changing bag for disposal at home.
Hilltops Pre–school  provide a wide selection of fruit for snack time, but any donations are gratefully appreciated.
If your child is going to attend an afternoon session then they will need to bring a healthy packed lunch with them, could you please place a small ice pack in their lunch box if possible.
Milk or water is provided for the children to drink and water is available throughout the session. Healthy eating is promoted
within the Pre–school .
Due to allergies please do not send in anything containing nuts, fish or eggs for example boiled eggs.
Please remember that it should be a light lunch not a large meal. Thank you.
Please contact the Hilltops Pre–school as soon as possible to inform us of the nature of the illness.
Can you please keep your child home from Pre-school if they are ill and if your child has a prolonged illness please keep us
informed of their progress. Can you follow the guidelines below.
Please follow these guidelines if your child is contagious
Keep your child home if they have any infections e.g. Impetigo or Viruses.
When there is a case of sickness/diarrhoea please keep your child home until 48 hrs after they are clear.
In cases of chickenpox please keep your child home until their spots have cleared up.
In cases of head lice keep your child home until they have been treated and inform the Pre-school.
We will ensure that we will:
Alert all parents/Carers if any child has a contagious illness.
Make careful observations of any child who seems unwell.
Contact parents/carers immediately if their child becomes unwell at pre-school.
Ensure that all staff are aware of any allergies that your child may have.
If your child is asthmatic or has a severe allergy and needs to bring their inhaler or Epipen  into the setting, it needs to be put in
a clear container with lid & instructions of usage/dosage and a letter giving consent for the Pre-school to administer the inhaler or Epipen, this must be handed to the supervisor at the beginning of each session and signed in and out by the parent/Carer.
If the Hilltops Pre–school administers any prescribed medicine to a child this is recorded in the administering medicine book and parents are asked to sign this on collection.
All medicines are placed in a box and kept in  the locked kitchen area.


We have Three Golden Rules at Hilltops Pre–school.
These outline our expectations for children during session times.
It would be helpful to us if you talk through these with your child prior to and during their time at Pre-school . 
   GOLDEN RULES:    BE KIND,                        


We hope you and your child will be happy at  Hilltops Pre–school and become as enthusiastic as we are to provide our under fives with all the right opportunities and experiences that is within our power and funds to provide, thus giving them a sound foundation which will stand them in good stead for when they move on to school.
Also if you have any comments, ideas or concerns please do not hesitate to come in and speak to us.


Be Happy and Share

We hope you and your child will be happy at  Hilltops Pre–school and become as enthusiastic as we are to provide our under fives with all the right opportunities and experiences that is within our power and funds to provide,thus giving them a sound foundation which will stand them in good stead for when they move on to school.
Also if you have any comments, ideas or concerns please do not hesitate to come in and speak to us.