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5-5-3-2 portions-A-day

This page has been set up to help you and your child to make healthy life choices through  food, nutrition, water and exercise. It is advised that children should have 6/8 drinks per day , mostly water.

Below is the different groups of food

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5-a day Starchy
½-1 slice bread,
1-2 oat cakes,
3-6 tbsp. breakfast cereal,
1-3 tbsp. mashed potato,
2-5 tbsp. cooked pasta/rice

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5 a-day (or more) Fruit & Vegetables 2-6 carrot sticks • ¼-1 banana • 3-10 grapes (halved) • ½-2 tbsp. peas • ½-2 tbsp. broccoli

Dairy Foods

3- a- day Dairy Foods (Milk, cheese & yogurt) 1 glass of milk (100-120ml) 1 pot of yogurt (125ml) 1 cheese triangle

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2-a-day Protein Foods 3 portions if child is vegetarian (Beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat and other proteins) 2-4 tbsp. chickpeas, kidney beans, dhal, lentils or beans 2-4 tbsp. cooked minced meat ¼-1 small fillet of fish

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6 to 8 glasses of drinks a day mostly water

Links to Posters and Leaflet where will find lots more information Poster: Leaflet

The British Nutrition Foundation talks about life stages we have, here is a link so you can access information for various times in your life and events. The first link below is to the main page life stages Children stage is the one at pre-school we are concerned with. This is a link to this page which will help you to prepare your child for school year and beyond.

Nutrition For toddlers .The link to the nutrition for toddlers/preschool

Its is important that children eat vegetables and fruit. This link will give you ideas on how to  encourage  your child to eat vegetables and fruit.   

The link below will help give you examples of healthy food choices and portion sizes.          

The link below will help give you examples of healthy food choices and portion sizes.            

Go to the British Nutrition Foundation for further information

Physical Activity

kids excersie

From the NHS website on guidance how much physical activity do children under 5 years old need to do to keep healthy? Being physically active every day is important for the healthy growth and development of babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. For this age group, activity of any intensity should be encouraged, including light activity and more energetic physical activity. The amount of physical activity you need to do each week is determined by your age. On the website you will find out information for other ages groups /