About Us

This is about us and the history of Hilltops Pre-school and the Team. We have superb facilities, well trained staff who put child first and foremost. Hilltops Pre-school is situated in the 14th Scout Hut in the Parish of Allbrook in Eastleigh. For the past 30 years there has been either a Playgroup or Pre-school here. The building and grounds offers our children a safe environment to learn and play.

We encourage each child to take forward their learning and development. By building on what the child already knows and can do. A keyperson system is in place that closely monitors your child’s progress. In all areas of their learning and development.
The staff are highly trained and motivated at Hilltops Pre–School.
Managers Annamarie Robinson and Alison Bennett hold Diploma in Pre–school Practice Level 3 and Safeguarding/Health and Safety. Most importantly they have knowledge and experience due to their continuous work and training over many years.
For more information about Hilltops. Please contact Alison Bennett or Annamarie Robinson to arrange a visit and for registration. ​

About Us and History of Hilltops Pre-school

We are members of the Pre–School Learning Alliance and registered with Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education). 
In 1998 Alison Bennett and Annamarie Robinson started the Pre–School partnership. Employing 8 members of staff. Each of whom are highly trained in all aspects of early learning.
All staff offer a high quality care and education for young children between ages of 2 years 6 months and up to 5 years. Here at Hilltops we believe strongly that children learn and develop when their feel safe, happy and secure.
We have a high ratio of staff to children at Hilltops this allows us to give  generous care and attention to each child. Children have the opportunity  to join in and play with other children and adults.

More about us

The Hilltops Pre–school is situated in the 14th Eastleigh Scout Hut in the Parish of Allbrook in Eastleigh. The playgroup or pre-school has been on site for 30 years.
The building and grounds offer your  child a safe environment to learn and play. Parking at Hilltops Pre-school is limited so there is alternative parking is available a short distance away.
Here at Hilltops we are proud of what we have to offer to the children who attend our Pre–school. We promote a positive attitude to learning by play and social interaction.
This is shown by our OFSTED report which we received ‘Outstanding’ in May 2015. Which stated that the early years provision meets  the needs of the range of children who attend. And the contribution of the early years provision to the well-being of the children.